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6 Player Aggravation Game

6 Player Aggravation Game

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Elevate your gaming experience on the go with our Hardwood Cherry Aggravation Game, thoughtfully designed for portability and enjoyment during camping trips, family outings, or game nights with friends. Crafted from beautiful cherry wood, this set includes six player boards, a 6-player center, and a 4-player center, offering endless opportunities for fun and strategy.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Cherry Hardwood: Our Aggravation Game set is meticulously crafted from premium cherry wood, known for its warm and inviting tones. This elegant choice of wood not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability for years of enjoyment.

  2. Portable Design: The game is ingeniously designed in sections, making it easy to pack and carry for your outdoor adventures. Take it with you on camping trips or simply transport it to family gatherings for a memorable gaming experience.

  3. Multiplayer Fun: With six individual player boards, a 6-player center, and a 4-player center, this Aggravation Game accommodates various group sizes and preferences. Whether you're in a small family setting or a larger gathering of friends, there's a configuration that suits your needs.

  4. Classic Strategy: Aggravation is a beloved board game that combines luck and strategy. The objective is to move your marbles around the board while trying to "aggravate" your opponents by sending their marbles back to the starting point. It's a game that promises laughter, competition, and memorable moments.

  5. Crafted Quality: Each piece of this set is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and polished playing surface. The high-quality craftsmanship adds to the game's overall appeal.

  6. Great for Gifting: Our Hardwood Cherry Aggravation Game is a fantastic gift idea for game enthusiasts, travelers, or anyone who enjoys quality entertainment and appreciates fine woodworking.

Whether you're out in the wilderness, at a picnic, or gathered around the table at home, our Hardwood Cherry Aggravation Game promises hours of fun, laughter, and entertainment. It's a game that can be enjoyed with family and friends, creating lasting memories wherever you go.

Game comes with printed instructions, 16mm Marbles, matching colored dice and pouches for the marbles and the game board.

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