Collection: Board Care

Board Butter is used to recondition your cutting and cheese boards. After every few washes or when it just starts to look dry or getting dull, simply apply some board butter and watch the natural wood colors come back. Applying board butter is also beneficial to the longevity of your boards and helps repel moisture in humid climates and retain moisture in very dry climates.

Our premium board butter is completely food safe, made with a special blend of organic carnauba and bees wax and food grade mineral oil.

  • Do not place board in dishwasher or submerge in water
  • Natural wood will warp if left to soak up water
  • Use board butter or mineral oil often especially in dry climates. Use after every few washes or when looking dry
  • Sunlight will darken wood and pull the color out of the exotic woods leaving them brown losing their luster.
  • Scrub with hot soapy water without submerging, rinse and towel dry